What’s A Fake Review?

What’s a fake review? Exactly what it sounds like: a review posted by a company employee, paid individual or anyone else with a vested interest in selling more product. So whenever available we will almost always vet the customer ratings of the products we post by using Fakespot and ReviewMeta – We will then post the results or grades in the post. This way you can avoid being duped by phony reviews.

***Please note that Fakespot and Reviewmeta aren’t infallible — and they don’t reflect anything about the product itself. They’re simply evaluating the reviews of the product. One thing we can all do to combat fake reviews is to add your voice to the mix. When you buy something from Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc, take a minute to leave your own review. The more legitimate reviews there are, the easier it’ll be for others to make an informed decision.***

You can learn more about “How to spot fake reviews on Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and other siteshere and “10 secrets to uncovering which online reviews are fakehere.

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