19 Dryer Sheet Hacks You’ll Actually Want To Try


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Sometimes it seems as if that receipt from the grocery just keeps growing longer and longer with each visit. It doesn’t seem like much when you’re putting each item into your cart, but it all adds up to a pricey total that you don’t really want to think about. It seems like if you could cut down on just a few things then that would still be a major help. Fear no more! We have found 19 alternative uses for dryer sheets that will blow your mind. You can even utilize these household hacks with used dryer sheets to save even more money.

1) Dusting:

Use dryer sheets to dust your TV screens, wooden furniture and even window blinds. The anti-static chemicals do a great job of collecting the dust and keeping it off those areas that frequently collect dust. You can even put used dryer sheets in your furnace and AC registers to keep dust from circulating throughout your house! Make sure to check and replace them frequently. Carefully rub your glass computer or iPad screen with a dryer sheet to keep dust and other debris off. You can even clean your glasses with dryer sheets, as long as the lenses aren’t plastic.

2) Air freshener:

Used dryer sheets will still have that fresh smell to them, so stick them wherever you need a little fresh air: your suitcase, closet, gym shoes, laundry hamper, gym bag, under the seats in your car, etc. You can even toss a few in the bottom of a fresh kitchen garbage bag to keep it smelling good and absorb any leaks.

3) Thread saver:

Run a dryer sheet over a piece of thread before sewing and it won’t tangle as easily.

4) Pet hair magnet:

Run a dryer sheet over your sweater to get rid of your dog’s hair. This works great on rugs and cloth furniture as well!

5) Clothes freshener:

This might be the easiest tip of all. Simply add a dryer sheet in between your laundered and folded laundry and put your clothes away normally to keep them smelling fresh for weeks.

6) Rodent repeller:

If you’ve got rodent problems, stuff a dryer sheet or two where you suspect the little creatures are making their way in your house. They won’t chew through the smelly material.

7) Vacuum booster:

Stick a used dryer sheet in your vacuum bag and sweep the floors. The dryer sheet will freshen the air as you sweep!

8) Insect repeller:

Mosquitos and other annoying insects will steer clear of dryer sheets. Stick them in your picnic basket, under lawn furniture or even in a belt loop or sock to prevent bug bites.

9) Chrome polisher:

Use dryer sheets to clean or polish the chrome on your car or even on the chrome faucets in your bathroom!

10) Static reducer:

Wipe your clothes down to reduce static electricity shocks in the wintertime. You can even lightly rub your hair with dryer sheets to get the static out!

11) Scissor sharpener:

Have you noticed those scissors being less than stellar lately? Try rubbing the blades with dryer sheets to sharpen them up.

12) Soap scum scrubber:

Lightly wet a used dryer sheet and scrub at soap buildup in your bathroom. You’ll find that it comes right off without any expensive cleaners.

13) Diaper bag saver:

Keep some dryer sheets in your diaper bag to keep it smelling fresh. You can even roll one up in a dirty diaper to fight the stinky odor.

14) Paint brush cleaner:

Soak your paint brushes in warm water and add a dryer sheet. The paint will come off much faster and easier than with just warm water!

15) Dirty dish cleaner:

Image Credit: Marco Verch

Got a tough pan that won’t come clean no matter how much elbow grease you use? Lay a dryer sheet in the bottom of the pan and let it soak overnight. The dryer sheet will work wonders, making it much easier to get that pesky dish clean.

16) Toilet ring cleaner:

Sometimes frustrating toilet rings just won’t come clean. Use a couple dryer sheets to wipe it away — just don’t forget to wear those rubber gloves.

17) Bug blaster:

After a long road trip your windshield is probably littered with all kinds of dead insects. Simply wet a dryer sheet and wipe away the bugs. The dryer sheets won’t scratch the glass or paint on your car, so you can even wipe them off the bumper too.

18) Camping gear freshener:

Don’t forget to add some dryer sheets to your sleeping bags and tents before rolling them up and stowing them away. Avoid that musty smell with just a couple used dryer sheets!

19) Deodorant remover:

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting dressed, doing your hair and makeup and walking out the door only to find a big deodorant stain on your shirt. Simply wipe the stain with a used dryer sheet and it should come right out.


Next time you empty the dryer and go to throw away the dryer sheet, think twice about what you could do with it. If nothing else, stick it in with your freshly laundered clothes to keep them fresh in your dresser drawers!

Let us know in the comments below how these household hacks work for you. Want to learn about more household hacks? Check out some alternative uses for Dawn dish soap here.

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